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Towards Joy | 5 Lenten Questions

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Towards Joy | 5 Lenten Questions

About the episode

If happiness is lavender, then joy has to be purple.  Why purple?  Because you make purple out of red and blue.  Love and sorrow. Joy lives at that intersection of heartbreak and ecstasy. Joy doesn’t live alone, she has four roommates, faith, hope, wonder and gratitude.  They need one another. Each leads to the other.   Scripture tells us joy is: a gift, an incentive, a companion, a response, and a reward.  So joy is in us, for us, with us and will come through us. As we make our way to joy, joy is making its way toward us.

In this episode, Melissa and Bishop Wright have a conversation about joy, her roommates, and where she can be found in life. This is question 5 of a 5 part series.

5 Lenten Questions is a video series produced by the Diocese of Atlanta. The series is the writings of Bishop Wright and is produced by team members of his staff. The series also includes a Reflection Guide for each question.

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