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Standing for Truth | 5 Lenten Questions

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Standing for Truth | 5 Lenten Questions

About the episode

How we stand for truth has everything to do with the truth we stand for.  For us, the most true thing in the universe is God!  With the most true thing about God being that “God is love.”  We know that it’s impossible to actually love God without loving neighbor.  These two ideas are inseparable and irrefutable.  Our living out of these two truths is not contingent on the behavior of others.  The love Jesus modeled is inconvenient and as we attempt to live it out we’ll often feel maladjusted for the world we live in.  That was true for Jesus and it’s true for us.   We understand that living God’s truths can leave us feeling lonely sometimes but we’re not alone. There’s a cloud of people who have stood for truth when it was their turn all around us. We are co-laborers in the victory of good over evil, of truth over falsehood and love over hatred. So, “…having done everything to stand, keep standing.”

In this episode, Melissa and Bishop Wright have a conversation about ways in which we stand for truth including the bravery, fears, and cost. This is question 4 of a 5-part series.

5 Lenten Questions is a video series produced by the Diocese of Atlanta. The series is the writings of Bishop Wright and is produced by team members of his staff. The series also includes a Reflection Guide for each question.

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