For people with bishop Rob Wright

For People, is a conversation with Bishop Rob Wright, spiritual leader to the more than 50,000 people in the 117 worshipping communities of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, on his For Faith weekly devotional. In this podcast, Bishop Wright meets listeners at the crossroads of faith and life to explore the challenges of an ever-changing world. Listen in to find out how he expands on For Faith, drawing inspiration from the life of Jesus to answer 21st-century questions.


Mary’s Magnificat prayed for the day those excluded from societal greatness would have a measure of God’s greatness and have a reversal of their societal standing.


Drawing inspiration from Isaiah, Melissa and Bishop Wright navigate the complex emotions that surface during the holiday season, reminding ourselves and our listeners that it’s okay if this time isn’t filled with unadulterated joy for everyone.


Time is the anvil that God uses to make a faithful soul! Ever wonder if your prayers go higher than your rooftop? One of the great indicators of Christian maturity is understanding it isn’t about your time but God’s time.

Faith, Wealth and and Corporate Responsibility with Jeffrey Small Jr.

Bishop Wright and Jeff discuss the relationship between wealth, faith, and the immense power of partnership in addressing societal issues. Jeff also brings to light the impact of socially responsible investing by sharing the history of the 1980s divestment movement, which initiated a pivotal shift in the perspective of investment returns. Listen in for the full conversation.

WIth Our Lips and Our Lives

From the 5th chapter of the Gospel according to St. John and the 6th verse, we hear Jesus pose a life changing question to a man, ‘…would you be made whole.’ This story is one of my favorites.


By choosing Jesus, we have some resources available to us today to gain clarity in the grey areas of the world around us. Joshua reminds the people of Israel who God has been to God’s people.

Uncovering Peace: Turmoil and Hope in The Holy Land

In this very special episode of For People, Bishop Wright has a conversation with Archbishop Hosam E. Naoum, the Anglican Archbishop in Jerusalem. His jurisdiction covers Palestine, Israel, The Westbank, and other territories and states.


Psalm 34 reveals the comfort of presenting our not-so-perfect selves to God, and that God is able to make us whole. Listen in for the full conversation.


If we believe God is the author of our lives, and we believe God has better ideas for how we should live our lives, then we must subordinate our understanding to God’s understanding. That act is worship! 


One of the clearest indicators that you’re in a relationship with the God of all the worlds and many names is a broadened heart. Do you love those who think differently, love differently, and worship differently than you?


The 10 commandments were a gift given to people newly into freedom – these tenets will create well-being in community. They are a channel to freedom.

Hope in Sorrow with Bishop Bob Fitzpatrick

Bishop Bob Fitzpatrick and Bishop Write discuss leadership in the face of adversity, scripture that equips us during times of sorrow, and the outpouring of love in the form of resources and letters from the mainland in the wake of the fire. God is with us in the grief!


What if you could truly understand the difference between guilt and conviction? What if you could discover a path to integrate this understanding into living a life of truth and love?

Thistle Farms and Healing with The Rev. Becca Stevens

Becca’s tireless work to create nurturing environments for women survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and addiction will leave you in awe and motivated for action. Hear her share how her personal journey has shaped her mission to live authentically and serve others.


Melissa and Bishop Wright have a conversation about hope found amidst devastation, exemplifying how Jesus offers hope and comfort even in our darkest hours.

The Power of Faith with Bishop Frank Logue

Bishop Wright had a conversation with Bishop Frank Logue, Bishop of The Episcopal Diocese of Georgia, about life, as we see it, not being about measuring up, but realizing as Christians Jesus has assured us we are enough and our call is to use our faith for God’s goodness.


Can the essence of power and its impact be truly understood without discussing forgiveness? Joseph, the second most powerful person in Egypt, chooses to forgive his brothers who threw him into a pit and slavery. To Joseph, it was settled.


In this episode, Melissa and Bishop Wright have a conversation about his illuminating journey to Nepal, where he experienced the impermanence of life firsthand and reflected on the importance of graciousness and giving in our everyday environments.


Melissa and Bishop Wright have a conversation about Moses, how God can use a tragedy to bring forth goodness, and that our faith is knowing nothing withstands the power of love. 


The Canaanite woman comes to Jesus asking for the healing of her daughter. The disciples and Jesus dismiss her, but she persists. And Jesus heals her daughter because of her great faith. Jesus became a better Messiah that day.