For people with bishop Rob Wright

For People, is a conversation with Bishop Rob Wright, spiritual leader to the more than 50,000 people in the 117 worshipping communities of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, on his For Faith weekly devotional. In this podcast, Bishop Wright meets listeners at the crossroads of faith and life to explore the challenges of an ever-changing world. Listen in to find out how he expands on For Faith, drawing inspiration from the life of Jesus to answer 21st-century questions.


God prefers us. We are God’s people. All of us. And yet, it is a defiant posture to believe God’s blessings are for all of us. Just take a look around and we see disparity and an unequal balance of power. In this episode, Melissa and Bishop Wright have a conversation on who is blessed by God and what Jesus says about a God for all and a God that stands directly on the side of the poor and oppressed.

Care and Candor with Rabbi Peter Berg

Spiritual growth and maturity is knowing and walking alongside your neighbor that views the world differently. Dr. King speaks of becoming a World House. If we are to be a World House we are to know every religion and every human as a part of the human family. These famous words still ring true today as antisemitism is on the rise.

Why Hope?

Why hope? Dr. King speaks directly to why we should have hope. In this episode, Melissa and Bishop Wright break down the quotes and these reasons to hope.


Darkness is a place that God can use. God uses darkness. God’s Light cannot be overcome by darkness. That is the heart of Epiphany. That God is able. That God is near.


Whenever God shows up, it is a disruption! Because God is mighty and love and truth and the opposite of those things; oppression, shame, fear, hate… are put out of place when God shows up. This is the miracle of Christmas! That out of darkness comes the light of God in the world through a child.

Amazing Peace

It is Christmas time, a halting of hate time. On this platform of peace, we can create a language, To translate ourselves to ourselves and to each other.  At this Holy Instant, we celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ Into the great religions of the world…

Christmas Crossroads

Mary’s faith was BIG. Gabriel told her she was favored. And she had questions, but she chose the crossroads of believing in a BIG God and in her favor. She knew a faithful God and she would sing a song about God’s faithfulness.


How can the nearness of God change us?  It’s easy to take John the Baptist’s words of the need to repent as guilt or obligation, but what John is really pointing to is that when we draw near to God, our lives change in ways we can’t even imagine.

A New Thing

God is doing a new thing! This year’s theme for the Diocese of Atlanta’s annual gathering is “I’m about to do a new thing”. In Isaiah, he writes about God “I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”

A Look Back on 10 Years with Bishop Wright

A few weeks ago, we celebrated 10 years of Bishop Wright as the Bishop of The Diocese of Atlanta. In this episode, Melissa and Bishop Wright have a conversation about the learnings, the experiments, and what’s to come. Listen in for the full conversation.


God has faith in people. God knows to get the best results is to free us of our selfishness. And yet we cling to our ways. Why? In this conversation, Melissa has a conversation with Bishop Wright about why now more than ever, it is difficult to keep our own center with God. Listen in for the full conversation.


To walk with God is to believe what God says about you on your best day and your worst day. In the bible, Jesus shares a story of two men. One man that had done very well goes into God’s house and puts himself in the center.  And the other man brings his sin and shame to God calling himself unworthy. Jesus says the sinner is justified.


We wonder why the universe is organized the way it is. We wonder where God is. We wonder why God doesn’t show up. In life, these are some of the ways we wrestle with God. Jacob wrestled with God. He ended up getting a broken hip, a cool new name, and a better understanding of who God is in him and in the world.

Hispanic Ministries with The Rev. Mimi Guerra

Hispanic ministry is a big part of The Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta. There are 11 Hispanic Congregations in the diocese. It is essential Bishop Wright has a Hispanic Missioner as a partner on his staff that can resource those congregations and serve as a bridge builder for our Anglo and Hispanic congregations.

Throw Away Kids with Lawyer Jonathan Tonge

An evening in April 2022, Bishop Wright gathered with over 50 men from across the city of Atlanta at St. Luke’s Atlanta for a conversation on Sex Trafficking – specifically young people that are victims of sex trafficking.

Suicide Prevention with Mary Chase Mize PhD and Youth Missioner Holle Tubbs

Suicide is a leading cause of death in the United States, but it’s rarely discussed in a productive and open way. This episode of For People introduces Keep/Watch, a new suicide prevention workbook and training from the Diocese of Atlanta that equips churches to combat this crisis and become safer spaces for people who are considering suicide.


In Amos, we know that God is angry with us. No one likes an angry God. But when anger of God is a result of knowing we can love one another as God intends and we don’t, is it surprising?

Showing Up with Bishop Deon Johnson

In this episode, Bishop Wright has a conversation with Bishop Deon Johnson, 11th Bishop of The Episcopal Diocese of Missouri. They talk about dignity and share stories of grandmothers and Bishop Deon’s favorite life lesson.