For people with bishop Rob Wright

For People, is a conversation with Bishop Rob Wright, spiritual leader to the more than 50,000 people in the 117 worshipping communities of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, on his For Faith weekly devotional. In this podcast, Bishop Wright meets listeners at the crossroads of faith and life to explore the challenges of an ever-changing world. Listen in to find out how he expands on For Faith, drawing inspiration from the life of Jesus to answer 21st-century questions.

Seeking God in Neighbor

As people of faith, we often talk of the way we treat neighbor. In fact, the Episcopal tradition confesses before God and one another in Sunday morning worship that “we have not loved our neighbors as ourselves”.  Why is neighborliness

Jesus Asks Good Questions

How do we ask better questions of ourselves? In a polarizing world, what does that really mean? Jesus asks the best questions that require us to dig deep into our faith and think of how we can live into our

God’s New Algebra

Algebra is not a word we often associate with God. For some of us, it is a word that only brings back the pain of high school. Algebra actually means the reunion and balancing of broken parts. In this pandemic,

Our North Star

It sure sounds nice thinking of Jesus as our North Star, but how do we do it? St. Peter has some ideas. St. Peter’s checklist includes being eager to do what is right though it might cause you trouble. Set

World House

How often do we think about the people that serve us? Yes, family, friends, and faith communities quickly come to mind, but what about the retail worker, the delivery driver, the teacher, the first responder, and even the person that


On April 27, 2020, Bishop Wright joined with spiritual leaders from across Georgia at the State Capitol to pray for the state, country, and world.  Prayer is necessary for a life of faith. For people of faith, we know it

Music for Faith

Music has the ability to touch down deep in our faith like nothing else. No one ever leaves church humming a sermon, but many leave with the hymns and songs playing in their heads. What is music speaking to you?

Easter Trust

Christ has Risen! Alleluia! Yes, this is true, but now what? Times are uncertain, and in some ways, we might feel that there are more similarities to Easter now and the first Easter over 2,000 years ago. Given current times,

Good Friday through Easter Sunday

Good Friday for many of us is the start of the 3 most sacred days of the Christian life. But what makes Good Friday good? As Christians, we know that the fear, betrayal, and cruelty Jesus endured marks the beginning

Intersections of Faith

Faith, fear, trust, and retreat is the intersection where we currently stand. A good life is one that has meaning and is generative. It is one that has to do with making principle stands. In the church, we call that

Pilot Episode

Welcome to For People with Bishop Rob Wright. This podcast will focus on conversations with Bishop Wright and an in-depth look at his weekly devotional For Faith. God is For People. We are for people. But what does that really