For people with bishop Rob Wright

For People, is a conversation with Bishop Rob Wright, spiritual leader to the more than 50,000 people in the 117 worshipping communities of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, on his For Faith weekly devotional. In this podcast, Bishop Wright meets listeners at the crossroads of faith and life to explore the challenges of an ever-changing world. Listen in to find out how he expands on For Faith, drawing inspiration from the life of Jesus to answer 21st-century questions.


Have you ever wondered how asking the right questions can transform your faith journey? In The Episcopal Church, having questions of faith and not always having the answers is a part of common life together.


In a world often divided by politics and ideology, how do we extend grace and kindness to those who anger or baffle us?


For many of us, we’ve come to a settled sense on a lot of these things which limits what we allow in our consciousness. Freedom is deciding not to oppress seeing the world in a new way – this is divine!


In this episode, Melissa and Bishop Wright discuss Paul’s revelation that to follow God is to be led by Spirit, and that all are welcome into a relationship with Christ.


In this episode, Bishop Wright and Melissa discuss offering ourselves to God through sharing our faith with others and Bishop Wright’s own story of being a new bishop and extending the invitation of baptism to anyone and everyone!


Growing closer to a loving God that welcomes all brings no adverse side effects! Instead of an energy supplement, taking up a spiritual practice revives not only our own self but also how we serve a loving God in our world.

Look, Touch, Lunch

Peace be with you! These are the 4 words Jesus says when he enters the room to see the disciples for the first time since his death and resurrection. Jesus enters the space with grace.

Easter Gift

For People has reached all 50 states, over 100 countries, and 6,000 cities, It has been downloaded 300,000 times. This podcast has become a beacon of insight on following the teachings of Jesus in the real world.

King of Palms and Curses

As we peel back the layers of our own convictions, we confront the unsettling reality that true discipleship may be at odds with the allure of making Christ into our own image.

Letting Go… of the Fear of Death

It might just be that modern society’s tendency to distance itself from death’s reality keeps us from living a fuller life. Listen in for the full conversation.

Letting Go… of Condemnation

In this episode, Melissa and Bishop Wright have a conversation about our own power in everyday life, how we sometimes use it against people, and that ultimately God’s mercy in our lives gives us the ability to practice mercy in our daily encounters.

Letting Go… of the Church

The most adaptive challenge facing the church is for the organization that bears his name to actually put him first!. What is at the heart of following Jesus in our world today? If Jesus were here today would he recognize

Letting Go… of Control

In this episode, Melissa and Bishop Wright have a conversation about what it means to lay down the desire for control and embrace a life of faith and trust in God.

Letting Go… of the Familiar

In this episode, Melissa and Bishop Wright have a conversation about Lent, this year’s Lenten series themed “Letting Go”, and the first meditation of the series “Letting Go… of the Familiar”.

Dignity with Dr. Beth-Sarah Wright

Bishop Wright is joined by special guest Dr. Beth-Sarah Wright have a conversation about dignity through the lens of the Baptismal Covenant, the acronym behind her book DIGNITY and the strategies used to create authentic community.


What does God take pleasure in? At some point, we have to move in a direction that says I am in relationship with all that is – meaning we aren’t in the driver seat! A huge appetite for control tells us God is not a part of our lives – and we are afraid of something – why not give up some of that?


As a society and world, we aren’t a single idea away from a better world. What would get us there is a global commitment to loving everybody with dignity. If we are honest, there is a lack of will to


Obedience – the four letter word of the bible. Sometimes we’ve got to do what God is inviting us to do out of simple obedience and offer that as worship! The bible gives us an example of disobedience in Jonah. He wanted to give God some advice!