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Where is the Child?

For People
Where is the Child?

About the episode

Happy Epiphany! A starry night led the 3 curious travelers to baby Jesus. But it was the question “where is the child?” that started their journey. Epiphany is an invitation to God to realize God is in everything all around us just as 3 curious travels laid eyes on Jesus and knew he was indeed the Son of God.

In this episode, Melissa and Bishop Wright have a conversation about Epiphany and what it means to recognize that God is everywhere. They talk of what happens when we choose to not pay attention to the simple ways in which God reveals God’s self. Where is the child and how can we better care for the children of the world? Listen in for the full conversation.

Before listening, read For Faith.

The Children’s Defense Fund is an organization doing the hard work of caring for our children. Learn more here.