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For People

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Why do many people want to talk about spirituality but not God? In this episode, Melissa and Bishop Wright have a conversation on this question and others generated from an excerpt, see below, of Rob Bell’s book Everything is Spiritual by Rob Bell.

“The form, the teaching, the truth moves you beyond the form. Like there’s an arc, or a movement, or a trajectory in the words. If you take them seriously, they take you somewhere. The forms aren’t the goal, the goal is an experience of Spirit. I began to see that you can have every form imaginable but without Spirit, without that animating, propulsive energy doing something in it, it’s just a form. Just a prayer, just a set of beliefs, just a religion, just words. We’re surrounded by forms, forms are what make the world. The invitation is to allow Spirit to transform all these forms, so that they become everything they can be, guiding us into a fuller experience of the depths of life. Aren’t we all mystics?”