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Bishop Wright’s Sermon at Annual Council

For People
For People
Bishop Wright's Sermon at Annual Council

About the episode

This is a special episode of Bishop Wright’s sermon at The 116th Annual Council of The Diocese of Atlanta.

“The followers of Jesus over the last two thousand years have made progress in faith by doing something unusual with their allotted minutes of life.  They/we, make our way with God and life by “remembering forward and hoping backward.” The logic is simple, if God did it then, God can do it again. Even more to the point, the logic is, if God can work through flawed people like our ancestors in their time, then God can work through our sins, fears, stubbornness and inattention in this moment. That is the essence of hope-if God is not dead, then we have every good reason to hope! And while God could run the universe without us, God has chosen to involve us in God’s enterprise. So to each generation the invitation goes out not to simply pass time, kill time or consume moments but to attune ourselves to what God is doing in the moment and then join God with all that we are and all that we have.

Excerpt from Bishop Wright’s sermon

Isaiah 43:1-20